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SERVING the City - BEING the Church

Donate now to restore & rebuild the people & properties of Lake Elsinore!


The Power of Dreams

Despite its incredible beauty and unique potential, everywhere you look in Lake Elsinore you'll see people and properties that have been abused and neglected and it just shouldn't be so.

We believe there's more for the people and places of our community, so we meet physical, tangible needs on a consistent basis which builds relationship, and then earns us the right to speak into their God-given potential. We help to call out the dreams in their hearts... the ones God created them with.

Have you ever had a dream that motivated you forward and inspired you to persevere? God-given dreams are powerful. Dreams have the power to pull you through the most challenging of situations and circumstances. Dreams have the power to change our reality and transform our future... and we're committed to helping people do just that.

Not just offering a hand out, but a HAND UP, more than life support, we're committed to LIFE TRANSFORMATION, and we're not just serving to serve, but SERVING TO SOLVE.

Would you consider becoming a Dream Maker by contributing financially to the work of the Dream Center of Lake Elsinore?